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All About the Bling: Your Rhinestone Personalization and Additional Details You Will Love

When you’re looking for that “wow” factor, rhinestones are the answer! Whatever garment you choose, there is nothing better than knowing that it can be made personalized for you with a little bit of bling. If you have a favorite jacket, shirt, or hat and you think it would be better with some rhinestones, we are your one-stop shop to help you add a bit of personal flair to everything.

About Rhinestones Type and Styles

Rhinestones come in any many sizes, but the most popular ones are the ss10, ss16, and ss20. Rhinestones come in different grades as well, (low grade, standard grade and Swarovski). The difference is the sparkle and shine, and, of course, the price. Sic Apparel Customs only uses standard rhinestones and Swarovski rhinestones. What’s best for you? Well, that depends on your budget and how much BLING-BLING you want on your garment. We work closely with our customers to educate them so the process of choosing can be made easier for them. custom-rhinestones-fonts

Matching Coordination for Special Events Why You Want Special Items Created

You may have a special event that is coming up and you want to make sure that you are able to add all of the personalized touches for special occasions like a wedding, an anniversary or a party. With matching accessories, hats, or bling shirts you will be able to do that. What this means is that you want to match the rest of your group—maybe your BRIDAL PARTY or matching bling shirts for little girl’s birthday parties—we will create something that is very special that will be worn more than one time. When it comes to rhinestones, they add a level of class, personalization and something that you will love for the rest of the time that you own the item.

How the Process Works for Creating All of the Looks, You Crave With Special Detail

The process of adding rhinestone crystals is one that is very simple but requires a trained hand. There is special software and expert designers that will make sure all rhinestones are lined up correctly that will make sure the different sizes for different crystals are applied correctly. Next, the rhinestone crystals are added onto the garment and then heat pressed at correct temperature and now you have your one-of-a-kind Bling Bling RHINESTONE garment.

Contact us and Let Us Help You Create Your Vision for next Special Event

When it comes to making sure that all of your sparkly dreams come true, take a few moments and look at some of our past projects where you will be able to see some of our rhinestone designs that might inspire some ideas you would like to see on your items. We will show you a few ideas and let you show us what your vision is for your garment; you can be assured of being able to share these designs as well as these looks with your friends and family. Whether you want a rhinestone shirt, hat or accessory, we have you covered. You will have the perfect rhinestone design with all the sparkle and the sheen that you had envisioned for your special event.

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Happy Clients

  • The sweatshirt that you guys made for me to kick off the Royal Prima Donnas dance team was everything and then some, I am truly thankful and grateful, looking forward to creating more amazing memories together.

    by Tania Rollins on December 12, 2015

  • Thanks for my Got Legz tshirts!! I've worn and washed them several times with no shrinkage and no lettering removed!! Extremely quality work! I have more work coming your way soon!!

    by Kimi Ann on October 15, 2015